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IHPC (Institute for High Performance Consulting) is a boutique consultancy firm providing consulting services, training and product development services headquartered in South Africa.

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Last updated on March 26th, 2021


IHPC (Institute for High Performance Consulting) is a boutique consultancy firm providing consulting services, training and product development services headquartered in South Africa.

IHPC team approached Vertis Microsystems to develop comprehensive web based (SaaS) inspection application SHEQSCAN with iOS and Android native app.

SHEQSCAN focuses on enabling organizations to adhere to their strict rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders.

Business Problem

IHPC wanted to develop a mobile (tablet device) data capturing tool positioned to streamline and automate certain tasks in the Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (S.H.E.Q.) spheres of business to ensure regulatory governance whilst aiding the compliance with the requirements imposed on the industry. The main components to be developed include the following:

  • Web pages within formation on the product (Home, About Us, Product Information, Contact Us, login/Register, etc.)
  • Web-interface with database once logged in or registered
  • Augmented Reality component


SHEQSCAN provides

  • Customizable audit reports / checklists (form builder):
    • Create custom audits from scratch;
    • Reuse existing audits,
    • Generate and edit audits on desktop computers with a spreadsheet and simply import them into SHEQSCAN.
  • Verification of person through logon and password details / swipe of a card (RFID enabled) or fingerprints;
  • Automatic audit report / checklist generation based on GPS co-ordinate prompting;
  • Audit report / checklist generation based on object recognition through augmented reality technology (e.g. QR Codes);
  • Signature and / or fingerprint recording on the device.
  • Automatic recording of GPS co-ordinates and date and time stamps when pre-defined actions are completed or recording of GPS co-ordinates at specified intervals from commencement of an inspection so as to be able to map path taken and to calculated the time duration from start to finish of activity;
  • Exporting of customizable checklist / audit reports in pdf format  Ability to share templates / checklists with another use platform-wide (i.e. cross company);
  • Take photos to be included in reports and an ability to edit photos by including for example arrows, circles, and handwritten notes to clarify the purpose of photos;
    • Importing of pdf, word, excel or other files;
    • Functionality to score responses based on severity and likelihood;
    • Functionality to allow for the weighting of categories in terms of varying degrees of performance and urgency to activate mitigating initiatives;
  • Branching & Sub-categories – Ability to add unlimited sub-categories to an item to suit end user requirements.
  • Responsive customizable fields – Actions / questions to be generated based on the responses provided;
    • Customization of responses available on checklist / templates;
    • Password protection / locking of templates by an administrator;
  • Sequential document numbering that includes identification of the device that generated the report;
  • Offline access (caching) to conduct tasks and updating and syncing immediately once within reach of an online connection;
  • Geo-fencing so as to allow the tablet device to display warnings, notifications or initiate checklists once certain areas are entered with the tablet device.


  • Move towards a paperless environment in the fields of mining, engineering, manufacturing and construction;
  • Regulatory governance and compliance;
  • Assist with skills application and real-time training and development through the use of various multimedia tools;
  • Verification of location and person conducting tasks;
  • Uses an integrated cloud-based data system with a specifically formulated augmented reality engine application backed by reliable hardware devices;
  • Tracking and recording of duration of task execution;
  • Enhancement through well-defined inspection and or audit framework;
  • Modular approach to SHEQSCAN platform to cover all aspects of inspection and audits;
  • In-time and on time data capturing synced and backed up into a cloud based database;
  • Immediate reports generated ability on customizable templates;
  • Deviation recording and notification of responsible person and / or legal appointed persons;
  • Tracking of GAP closure activities based on risk urgency rating;
  • Pro-active and continuous risk identification to prevent occurrences of incidents and accidents;


SHEQSCAN ensures a smooth and systematic development process via

  • Policy, Leadership and Commitment
  • Risk and Change Management
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Targets, Objectives and Performance Management
  • Training, Awareness and Competence
  • Communication, Consultation and Involvement
  • Document and Data Control
  • Operational Control
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Contractors and Business Partner Management
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Monitoring Audits and Reviews

Tools and Technology

  • RoR as the primary server side technology
  • Postgres database for persistent data storage
  • REDIS for messaging middleware of location tracking data
  • For front end technologies, we can choose like Angular.js, Node.js etc
  • HTML5 with responsive UI  Cloud server for hosting like Amazon EC2
  • Android mobile app development technology sta

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