Worried about your software
product/application performance?

Get a FREE Independent/third-party performance assessment of
your software product/application through Forgeahead’s QA Practice.
Offer Description:

This is a short Performance Engineering Exercise that will be done with:

1. Top 3 functional flows
2. Fixed for 100 users
3. This exercise will result in a Performance evaluation report which will include Application and environment performance as well.

Deliverable & Timeline :

A Performance Report within 7 working days of signing up on this offer.

Benefits for the Startup:

1. Realize cost implications caused by any failure or downtime.
2. Validate the app’s features to deliver various functionalities.
3. Optimize user engagement to facilitate enhanced user retention
4. Identify potential risks related to performance failure.

What is required from the Startup?:

1. Walkthrough of the application
2. List of top 3 functional flows
3. Set up Performance Server
4. Access to Servers for monitoring/logging and downloading the same
5. Enable monitoring of the servers (including Database)

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