Build as a Service (BaaS)

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The SaaS industry didn’t just survive 2020 — it flourished. 6795 SaaS startups were founded in the last year alone. Total funding for 2020 touched $71.2 billion, while the number of SaaS acquisitions reached 1060 — an all-time high. User sentiment, too, towards the adoption of cloud-based software surged.

Yet, despite the signs pointing one way, the 75% failure rate of SaaS companies painted a surprisingly bleak picture.

Key Takeaways

Is vertical SaaS a double-edged sword?

Could product-led growth be a risky strategy? Or could there be something more sinister at play?

Download this white paper to find out exactly what went wrong, how we can fix it, and the revolutionary new model of product development that’s taking the IT industry by storm.

What is Build as a Service? A sneak peek

Six powerful capabilities rolled into one flexible, functional package
A unique development strategy with a focus on product-led growth
A way to eliminate compromises in UI & UX while adopting the latest technologies
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