A Deeper Look at Katalon and How It’s Finding a Place in Product QA Strategies

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Katalon – a new world of software quality

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Last updated on January 17th, 2023

Quality assurance (QA) has always been one of the most important functions in the software world, and rightly so. Today, the utilization of automated tools is a boon for QA engineers to accelerate testing speed and automate time-consuming manual tasks. Test automation also helps gain enormous benefits of reusability, scalability, and better test coverage while saving the time and effort of the team. 

Earlier, all the automation benefits were being achieved with open-source tools like Selenium and other proprietary tools. Lately, Katalon Studio has emerged as a robust test automation tool with the potential to revolutionize automation testing. Let’s take a deeper look at Katalon.

What Is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is an all-in-one automated testing platform for mobile, desktop (windows), low-code web, and APIs. It offers a spectrum of powerful testing features, including iFrame, pop-up, and wait time, to overcome the test automation challenges. The platform is very user-friendly and helps testers work faster, test better, and launch high-quality software applications. Katalon has manual and record & playback modes to create automation test cases effectively. 

The primary benefit of Katalon over other automation tools is that it requires comparatively lesser coding experience. In essence, it uses a simple interface and specialized IDE to enable user-friendly testing without entailing prior coding experience. 

Key Features & Benefits of Katalon Studio

  • Easy deployment – A well-organized and simple deployment package that contains everything required for the deployment of powerful test automation.
  • Faster outcomes – The platform comes with built-in example copies with clear steps on field-specific training and helps testers create and run automation tests expeditiously. Katalon can execute every step, from undertaking organization, test, execution, report generation, and support. 
  • Quick setup – Katalon Studio is very fast and easy to set up and comes with built-in test scripts and templates. 
  • High flexibility – Testers can utilize keywords and recordings to create automation tests, and experienced testers can also use a full IDE environment. 
  • Easy usage – Manual testers with minimal programming skills can leverage the full benefits of the platform with easy steps.
  • Hands-on platform – Katalon minimizes the efforts of testers and automation teams to set up a new project. It is easier to execute the test cases and monitor the results. Every workflow provides customization for scaling up the project and easy maintenance. Some customization elements include a predefined structure of test artifacts, custom keywords, and detailed test suite reports.
  • Object spy – This utility captures the objects and pulls the relevant information of a given test object. It showcases the properties, method, and field in detail. 
  • Smart wait – It handles the test failures caused by time lag and synchronization issues. It waits until all the elements are completely loaded before proceeding to further actions.
  • Smart test reporting – The test report provided by Katalon Studio can be exported to HTML, PDF, CSV, or XML formats for one-time use. The built-in report integration can also be activated to store all the test results centrally for trend analysis.

Cons of Katalon Studio

  • Lack of scripting languages – Katalon only supports Groovy language, while other automation tools utilize multiple scripting languages.
  • Not open-source – Katalon Studio possesses close-source code. For the same reason, it serves a smaller community of developers. 
  • Performance issues – Sometimes, the tools start lagging or freeze the verification of text and objects within iframes. Mobile testing is also very time-consuming due to the requirement of capturing and writing the code. 

How Katalon Is Making Its Place in Today’s Automation Testing Landscape

Since codeless testing has become the latest automation trend, quality assurance professionals are shifting their focus to product quality and performance assurance. This trend has led to the emergence of codeless testing tools in recent years. Katalon has gained tremendous popularity among teams as well as the business as it is an all-in-one solution that saves time, effort, and resources for the organization. It is suitable for web, mobile, desktop, and API testing for teams at any level. 

Moreover, Katalon Studio supports testing on multiple operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, for mobile application testing. Getting started with Katalon Studio is also a straightforward process and allows the testing team to leverage all the capabilities of test automation within a short time. 

Another notable feature of Katalon is its wide range of integrations for CI/CD applications, test management tools, cloud testing, and more. In terms of reporting and analytics, Katalon is built with Artificial Intelligence technology to push the test operations for smart performance analytics and feedback generation for agile teams.

Get Started with Katalon Studio

With all the aforementioned benefits and a simple user interface, Katalon has already become highly valuable for testing engineers. Despite some cons, Katalon Studio has become an emerging test automation tool and gained huge popularity in the software industry. 

If you are also looking for seamless and hassle-free automation testing, our specialists can help you with a smart testing solution with a user-friendly experience. Talk to our testing specialist today!

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