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SaaS Using BaaS With Forgeahead On AWS!

Rapid - Repeatable - Reliable SaaS

Over a decade of experience building game changing SaaS Products on AWS that are built to last. Our in depth knowledge and expertise in SaaS Journey in various domains help customers build pure SaaS application on AWS using provisioned, serverless, and managed services.

While Designing and Building SaaS products, Forgeahead helped customers develop agile, cloud powered highly available and scalable SaaS application when customer approached us just with an idea. Following are few AWS validations of our expertise which together indicates our ability to design & build modern extensible SaaS applications on AWS platform.

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Our SaaS Practice On AWS

Native SaaS Application Development

Design, Build, Launch/Deploy Fully Compatible Cloud Applications with Baked Security and Forensics for Your SaaS Product.

SaaS Product Infrastructure Design and Strategy

Build a Less Error Prone, More Reliable, Stable Infrastructure for Your SaaS Application.

SaaS App Modernization

Assess, Modernize and Optimize Your Existing Infrastructure and Architecture of The SaaS Application to Realize The Real Potential of The SaaS.

Migration to SaaS

Move Your On Premise Application to AWS and Turn It Into a SaaS Application to Get Higher Returns.

Cloud Consulting for the SaaS Application

Build a Futuristic Cloud Strategy for Your SaaS Product That Is Truly Multi-Tenant and Extensible.

Fully Managed SaaS, 24x7x365

Manage The Implementation, Provisioning and Workloads On Cloud of Your SaaS Product. Every SaaS Application Needs Maintenance, Security Assessment and Fullfil The Complaince Requirements.

SaaS Approach On AWS

SaaS Tech Stack

Few AWS Services Stack For The SaaS Product

AWS Amplify

AWS APIGateway

AWS CloudFront

AWS DynamoDB



AWS Fargate

AWS EventBridge


AWS Lambda

SaaS using Everything As Code (EAC)






Boost SaaS With CI/CD

AWS CodeBuild


GitHub Actions

Bitbucket Pipeline

Write your SaaS using

Our Backend Stack

Our Frontend Stack

Modernization & Migration Process for “SaaS Applications”

SaaS AppOps Model

Why Build SaaS On AWS

Reduced Time To Market Your SaaS Solution

Design Build SaaS Application by Cosnuming AWS Serverless, and Managed Services Combination Which Themselves are Secure Shared Tenancy, are Optimized Built using Design Patterns, Such Integration into the SaaS Products Provides Ready Components to Place & Benefit from.

Scalability And Integration For Your SaaS Solution

The Elastic Infrastructure of AWS Platform Lets Engineering Team Integrate Numerous Services to Enhance the SaaS Application, that Can Scale Up or Down Quickly, and Stand During Peak Time for Your Tenant, Ensuring Optimal Performance for Tenant and Cost Efficiency for SaaS Provider.

Reduced Operational Costs

With AWS, SaaS Providers Can Adopt a Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Model. They Can Leverage AWS's Flexible Pricing Options to Match Their Infrastructure Costs With Their Business Needs.


Leverage AWS's Security Features, and Services, Such as Identity, and Access Management (IAM), Encryption, and Network Security, to Protect Their Applications and Customer Data.

Forgeahead + AWS = Better Together

Discovery & Validation For Your SaaS Product

We know how to break down your idea, ask the right questions, and analyse what you have in place already, if anything.

SaaS Product Architecture

We bring advanced expertise in AWS for cloud based SaaS application architecture, baked security, AppDevOps and secure managed serverless on AWS.

Development Of Your SaaS Application

We're adept at complex frontend and backend requirements required to create a flexible multi tenant SaaS application that performs.

Continous Delivery

SaaS on AWS offers novel ways of developing and deploying continuously in a cloud-managed or cloud-native environment.

What we do

Case Studies

Noodle Tools

Built an Edtech SaaS Platform for K-12 Students.

Contact Proximity

Built a SaaS Product that uses telemetry data to track organizational assets in real-time.

Fitness On Demand

Built a Video-on-Demand (VOD) SaaS Platform for a Wellness & Fitness Customer.


The latest in SaaS On AWS on the Forgeahead blog

SaaS Goes Deep – The Emergence Of Vertical SaaS

In 2022, Gartner predicts that nearly USD 482 billion will be spent on cloud services globally. We have seen how the pandemic accelerated digital adoption worldwide, and cloud computing.

The Security Imperative For SaaS Products

Increasingly, we find more enterprise products moving from on-premises to the cloud. Cloud-based SaaS products comprise 70% of business applications, which will increase to 85% by 2025.

How A Product Startup Can Make The SaaS Journey

For startups, transforming products into SaaS productsmight seem like a daunting task. Founders must don several hats, there’s always so much to do, and budgets are always tight.

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What we do

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