The why and how of creating a Quality Culture in software companies

How to Create a Quality Culture in Software Organizations

A couple of months back, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Deiss had to leave the company. One of the reasons leading to his ouster was “poor software quality.” Wouldn’t this reason have been unthinkable a couple of years back?…
What you need to know about API Testing

API Testing – Factors to Consider

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are embeddable software functionality that allows different cloud-based or server-side applications to communicate with specific software programs loaded on devices and endpoints or that allow different components of software programs…
Multicloud – the best of all cloud worlds

The Multi-cloud Imperative for Modern Enterprises and ISVs

Over 92% of the businesses have a multi-cloud strategy, out of which 80% are leveraging a hybrid cloud strategy. No doubt, cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and GCP have become standard business terms.  As…
DevOps and SRE

DevOps – The SRE Aspect

Both DevOps and SRE are gaining ground in the software development world because they enhance the product release cycle, foster collaboration, and promote automation. The ultimate goal of DevOps and SRE is to help build reliable and…

The Penetration Testing Imperative for Modern Products

Lately, enterprise leaders are increasingly speaking about penetration testing tools and different penetration testing types. Studies point out that the market for penetration testing will be worth over USD 3 billion by 2026 globally.  But before we…

The Rich Options of Managed AWS Services

According to a study by Synergy Research Group, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure was leading the market in Q4 2020 with 32-33% worldwide market share.  Indeed, cloud architecture is driving flexibility and agility of all enterprises in the…

What’s new in mCommerce, and why is it important?

From buying from physical stores to ordering anything and everything on our smartphones; consumer behavior has evolved. Today, around 6.378 billion people own a smartphone. From one landline per home to every individual owning a…
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