business agility cloud computing

Business Agility with Cloud Computing

Today, ‘agility’ has become a “must-achieve” advantage in the business environment. Organizations need to have the ability to respond to business challenges, react to market opportunities and get their products to market faster. In order…

The Five Essentials of Testing for Fintech Products

Also regarded as the “fourth industrial revolution,” financial Technology (or the Fintech) industry has the power to transform financial institutions and improve the overall customer experience by bridging the gap between finance and technology. According…
QA Perspective On Microservices

The QA Perspective on Microservices

Software testing pros know that quality assurance (QA) in microservices architecture needs a totally different approach as compared to monolithic application architecture. Although microservices architecture enables complex applications to be developed rapidly and reliably, the…
Exploratory Testing vs. Scripted Testing

Comparing Exploratory Testing With Scripted Testing

Organizations use many methodologies and tools to test their product for bugs and issues. Most businesses follow pre-defined and time-tested approaches and tools to guarantee good quality. Then, there are those who put aside structure…

DevOps Is Now The Default-Mode For Software Development

Software product development has undergone a quantum leap over the last few years. Today, software development is all about speed, agility, and collaboration. The walls dividing the business and product development teams are vanishing. It…
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